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Understanding your Itasca-Mantrap energy bill

This detailed energy statement provides you with more information on your energy consumption with added features such as graphs, weather data, outage information and more.

See the sample bill and follow the numbers for a guide to your billing format.

1. Your Itasca-Mantrap account number

2. Itasca-Mantrap contact information

3. Billing summary shows all charges on your account

4. Message center

5. Service address and description

6. Meter reading details

7. Detail of charges

8. This chart shows your monthly energy use for the last 13 months

9. Account number, payment due date and the amount due. Return the bottom section of the bill with your payment. If you are signed up for automatic payment, your bill will state, " Do not pay."

Page two of bill (on the back of page one)

10. Additional meter information and detailed charges

11. Outage information

12. Weather data

13. Itasca-Mantrap's fee schedule including disconnection and reconnection fees


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