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Renewable Energy

Cogeneration and Small Power Production

In compliance with Minnesota Adopted Rules Relating to Cogeneration and Small Power Production Chapter 7835, Itasca-Mantrap Cooperative Electrical Association is obligated to interconnect with and purchase electricity from cogenerators and small power producers which satisfy the conditions of a qualifying facility. Itasca-Mantrap Cooperative Electrical Association has available and will provide free information to all interested Members regarding rates and interconnection requirements. 

An application for interconnection is required for a qualifying facility to interconnect and operate in parallel with the cooperative’s distribution system and is subject to approval by the cooperative. For more information call Marketing & Member Services Manager Nikki Torkelson at 218-732-3377 or 1-888-713-3377.

The Itasca-Mantrap Board of Directors has adopted a new interconnection process, Cooperative Distribution Energy Resource Interconnection Process (C-MIP) to begin June 1, 2019. This policy is comparable to the Public Utilities Commission interconnection process, the State of Minnesota Distributed Energy Resource Interconnection Process (MN-DIP). 

Itasca-Mantrap Board Resolution

Cooperative Cogeneration Rules Implementing 216B.164

Itasca-Mantrap C-MIP Interconnection Information

Interconnection Process Overview - explains the different types of interconnection processes

Simplified Process - guide for interconnections under 20kW

Simplified Interconnection Application

Fast Track Process

Standard Interconnection Application

Technical Requirements

Study Process

Storage Application

Pre-Application Request

Itasca-Mantrap Uniform Contract

Itasca-Mantrap Interconnection Agreement

2020 Average Retail Cooperative Energy Rate


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