Understanding your Itasca-Mantrap energy bill

This detailed energy statement provides you with more information on your energy consumption with added features such as graphs, weather data, outage information and more.

See the sample bill and follow the numbers for a guide to your billing format.

1. Contact Information: Our contact information and office hours.

2. Your Account Information: Previous balance, payments received, adjustments, balance before current charges, current charges and total amount due.

3. Message Center:  Read important messages about services, promotional offers, notices and events.

4. Total Amount Due: Summarizes the total amount or budget amount due for service addresses included on this statement with the due date, which is the 20th of the month.

5. Electric Graph: Shows electric usage for all meters as well as average temperatures over the last year.

6. Current Service Detail: Total current charges for the location including kWh usage.

7. Energy Usage Comparison: Current billing as well as previous billing and last year's billing are summarized on this chart. 

8. Payment Stub: If you are mailing your payment, bringing it into our office, or putting it in the drop box, detach this portion and send it with your check.

9. 2nd page: Additional meter information, if it doesn’t fit on page 1, outage reporting, weather data and fee schedule. Quick access to SmartHub payments with a QR code.