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Learning about electricity is fun! And beneficial. Teaching kids to conserve energy and save the environment will benefit them now and in the future. Learn more about electric safety by clicking the buttons below!

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Safety Demos

Itasca-Mantrap visits elementary schools and community groups within its service territory to teach electric safety. Using the electric safety village, Itasca-Mantrap employees educate young students about the potential dangers of electricity in the home and outdoors. This educational program also reinforces classroom instruction by explaining how Itasca-Mantrap brings electricity to homes and businesses.

Intended for elementary school students, 4-H groups, cub scouts, and youth summer camps, this program is a wonderful interactive learning tool for students to understand the importance of electricity.

To request an electrical safety demonstration for a school or community group, please contact Itasca-Mantrap at 218-732-3377 or toll free at 888-713-3377.


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