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New electrical services will be built to a permanent location according to the following:

Cooperative will provide:

  • Primary wire and connections
  • Transformer to be located a minimum of fifty (50) feet from any buildings
  • Meter socket, meter pedestal and/or current transformers and cabinet, to be located next to transformer or on the same pole as the overhead transformer.
  • Secondary wires from the transformer to meter socket
  • Meter

Applicant will provide:

  • Completed Application for Membership and Service Contract
  • Payment of $25 non-refundable processing fee
  • Payment of a $500 non-refundable new service fee
    *Service fee and application are valid for fifteen (15) months from the date of the application. If construction of services is requested after fifteen (15) months, applicant will submit an additional $500 non-refundable service fee.
  • Meet with Staking Technician to determine transformer/meter location
  • Site plan containing a location for the transformer that will have continued accessibility for maintenance
  • Sign, have notarized and return all necessary easements on forms provided by the Cooperative. Itasca-Mantrap will record easements with the appropriate county. All easement fees to be paid by member.
    • Easement fee - $50 per easement
  • A release of liability from unlocated underground objects or utilities on forms provided by the Cooperative
  • Tree trimming and right-of-way maintenance as determined by the cooperative:
    • Twenty (20) feet wide for underground lines
    • Fifty (50) feet wide for overhead lines
  • Payment of an aid to construction fee prior to construction:
Single-Phase Service over 400 amp (if applicable), non-refundable $500
Single-Phase Irrigation Service (if applicable), non-refundable $500
Three-Phase Service Fee (if applicable), non-refundable $2,000
Footage - Single-Phase primary $5.50 per foot
Footage - Three-Phase primary $7.50 per foot
Construction rates valid May 1 to October 31

*Nov. 1 to April 30 footage rate - $10 additional/foot with minimum of $500

Winter Construction Note: Member responsible for additional contractor or special equipment fees, when applicable. Itasca-Mantrap reserves the right to postpone the construction until such a time when work can be accomplished without damage to Cooperative equipment.

  • Any special permitting fees for crossing County, State, or Federal land, waterways or highways
  • Any incremental costs for special construction, such as directional boring
Directional Boring Fees:
Single-Phase - under 200 feet $12 per foot
Single-Phase - over 200 feet $9 per foot
Three-Phase - under 200 feet $15 per foot
Three-Phase - over 200 feet $10 per foot
  • Secondary wire, and installation of secondary wires from meter socket to building
  • Submit Request for Electrical Inspection and complete Electrical Inspection OR Verification from Electrical Contractor and copy of request

Please contact a Member Service Representative at 218-732-3377 or toll free at 888-713-3377 to apply for new service or sign up to have a Member Service Representative contact you by filling out the form in the link.


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