Surge Protection

Surge suppression equipment protects your electronic devices and appliances from lightning damage and other potential power surges.

Just a second…
That's all it takes for lightning to strike and cost you thousands of dollars in damage to your electronic devices and appliances: computers - garage door openers - refrigerators - TVs - satellite receivers - washing machines - stereos - fax machines - phones - and more.

Each year, power surges resulting from lightning cause an estimated $500 million in damage to electronics - most of which could have been avoided with proper surge protection.

Are you prepared?
Anyone who has electronic appliances should consider some level of surge suppression equipment. There is point-of-use equipment designed to protect specific appliances as well as equipment to protect your whole house.

Whole house surge protection:

Recommended to protect large “white” appliances such as your refrigerator, washer, dryer and electric range. A meter-based surge protection system can be rented monthly from Itasca-Mantrap or you can purchase a panel-based system from an electrical contractor who would wire the device to your panel. Make sure the surge protection device comes with a connected equipment warranty to cover your appliances.

Separate point-of-use plug-in protection:

Recommended for equipment such as your television, computer and phones. Options range from a standard one-outlet surge protector to large multi-outlet devices with coaxial cable and phone attachments. Some units come with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for uses requiring battery backup. This equipment can be purchased online or at various retailers. Make sure the surge protection device comes with a connected equipment warranty to cover your sensitive electronic equipment.

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