Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Itasca-Mantrap offers two voluntary options for charging your electric vehicle (EV) at home. The off-peak program offers the lowest price, while the whole house time-of-use program provides flexibility.

Off-Peak Rate

Itasca-Mantrap's off-peak rate offers members low-cost electricity for charging an EV. Electricity for charging your EV is available only during the off-peak hours of 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Power will not be supplied outside of the off-peak hours and the charger or outlet must be hardwired into your circuit panel.

This program requires a separate meter. Itasca-Mantrap offers a rebate of $500 to cover the cost of installing a charger on the off-peak program.








Whole House Time-of-Use Rate

A charger or outlet installed on the Itasca-Mantrap whole house time-of-use rate will always receive electricity, so you can charge your vehicle whenever you need. You pay the rate listed for all electricity you use throughout your home, according to the time of day. The savings can add up when you make the choice to use energy at different times of day. Itasca-Mantrap offers a rebate of $500 to cover the cost of installing a charger on the Whole House Time-of-Use rate.

On Peak (4 p.m. - 10 p.m. weekdays) = 20.4¢/kWh
Off-Peak (all other times) = 8¢/kWh



Click below to check out our current EV Rebate offer and why considering an electric vehicle may be worth your time.

EV Rebate  Why Consider an Electric Vehicle

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