Call before you dig

Many of Itasca-Mantrap’s power lines are buried underground, and an underground power line can be just as dangerous as an overhead power line. Protect yourself and your property by contacting Gopher State One Call before digging.

    Contact Gopher State One Call

    Gopher State One Call Website

    Collect the following information before calling

    • Your name, address and telephone number
    • The type of work you will be doing
    • The address, county and intersecting street of the dig location
    • Where you will be digging on the property
    • When you plan to dig
    • Mark the dig area with white paint or stakes before locators arrive

    Why call

    • Minnesota state law requires you to call
    • Protect yourself and others
    • Decrease the chance of underground damage and monetary loss

    When you call

    • Gopher State One Call contacts the utility companies
    • Each utility marks areas with underground utility lines using the different colors