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Operation Round Up is one way Itasca-Mantrap members work together to make a difference. This voluntary program provides financial assistance to organizations such as first responders/fire departments, youth activities, education, emergency assistance and other community-based projects in our service territory.

Each month, Itasca-Mantrap 'rounds up' electric bills of participating members to the next highest dollar and deposits the change in a trust account. The most any member account could contribute through rounding up the bill is $11.88 for the entire year. This contribution is tax deductible, and the amount donated is shown on monthly bills. The money collected from member contributions will be kept in a separate Trust account.

It’s your choice… If you do not wish to contribute, just call us at 218-732-3377 or toll free at 1-888-713-3377 and tell us that you wish to opt out of Operation Round Up.

Operation Round Up Trust Board:

The Operation Round Up Trust Board is separate from the Itasca-Mantrap Board of Directors. Seven local people are appointed to the Operation Round Up Board of Directors. Twice a year, they will review applications for grants and disburse the funds.

Application Guidelines and Process:

Operation Round Up Grant Application Form

Please do not retype the form or copy and paste if you use this application. If more room is needed to explain your project, you may attach additional documents.

Grants will be awarded to non-profit or community-based organizations that demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the quality of life in the region. Contributions will be distributed primarily in the local area served by Itasca-Mantrap. Projects should fit one or more of these categories: Community Service, Education, Youth, Community Economic Assistance and the Environment.

Grants will not be made for lobbying, political and religious organizations, veteran, fraternal and labor organizations, fund raising dinners, raffles, capital fund campaigns, advertising or ongoing operational expenses.

The application deadlines are March 15 and September 15. The Operation Round Up Trust Board reviews applications received and authorizes disbursements to organizations that meet the qualifications according to the Bylaws of the Operation Round Up Trust.

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