Itasca-Mantrap is organized under the cooperative principles of enterprise and is owned by its members.  The board is comprised of seven member-directors, one per district. The Chief Executive Officer, hired by the Board of Directors, carries out the daily operations of the cooperative.

How to Run for the Board of Directors

The Itasca-Mantrap board of directors are elected by the membership. They are elected at large and serve a 3 year term. All members are eligible to run for board positions as outlined in our bylaws. Members interested in becoming a candidate can call the Itasca-Mantrap office to request a candidate packet. Director elections are held in conjunction with the Itasca-Mantrap annual meeting in June each year. 

Wondering what’s involved in being a director?

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Establish relationships between the board, the membership, and the President-CEO
  • Report to the membership
  • Maintain legal entity and practices.
  • Review and update bylaws and policies, as needed.
  • Hire and delegate authority to the President-CEO
  • Define principles and practices
  • Review and update policies as needed
  • Examine and approved annual budget and cash flow
  • Review and approve a financial plan.
  • Approve the selection of consultants and attorney
  • Authorize and review annual financial audit

Directors can expect 13-18 days per year for meetings and education/ events.

Director Qualifications:

  • Must live in the district they wish to represent.
  • Must have a clean criminal history
  • Cannot be an employee of the Cooperative during the preceding three years.
  • Cannot have been employed by a labor union which represents the employees of the Cooperative during the preceding five years.
  • Cannot be a close relative of any existing Director or employee of the Cooperative.
  • Cannot be the employee or employer of another Director of the Cooperative.
  • Must declare all conflicts of interest with the Cooperative.
  • Must attend and participate in regular board meetings and attend to other board duties as required.

How to attend a Board Meeting:

Regular monthly board meetings are typically held the last Thursday of each month and are open to the members. The board will provide time on the agenda for any member who wishes to discuss business with the board. Members desiring to discuss items of business with the board of directors are encouraged to contact the President-CEO at least 10 days in advance of the board meeting date so suitable arrangements can be made for accommodations and time on the business agenda. Groups are encouraged to appoint a spokesperson for the group.

How to vote in elections:

All members receive an annual members' meeting notice that includes a voting ballot. Members may vote by mail or at the Annual Meeting, which is usually held in June. 

For more information, contact Itasca-Mantrap at 218-732-3377.

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Brian Behrens

District 1, Chair

Pat Roehl

District 2, Director

Terry Cook

District 3, Treasurer

Al Czeczok

District 4, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Nancy Utke*

District 5, Director
*GRE Director Respresentative

Tim Kivi

District 6, Secretary

Dan Breitbach

District 7, Vice Chair